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Descubren nueva bacteria mortal… en Perú

mosquito.gifVía Yahoo News:

The bacteria was found in a 43-year-old American woman who had traveled across Peru for three weeks and suffered from symptoms similar to typhoid fever or malaria. The woman has since recovered.

Named Bartonella rochalimae, the new species is a close relative of a microbe that sickened thousands of soldiers during the First World War with what became known as trench fever, spread through body lice. (…)

Two weeks after returning to the United States from her trip to Peru, the woman experienced potentially life-threatening anemia, a rash, an enlarged spleen, insomnia and a high fever that lasted for several weeks.

Her traveling companion did not fall ill.

The Peruvian Andes is home to a related bacteria, spread by sand flies, and at first this was what experts thought was causing her illness.

Further investigation indicated the culprit was a new species altogether.

¿Bartonelosis? ¿No tuvimos una especie de epidemia el año pasado? ¿Daniel Alcides Carrión no se suicidó hace un siglo para encontrar la cura?

En fin. He aquí otro aporte del Perú al control de la población mundial…

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